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Sustainable technology entrepreneurs are encouraged to participate in the "Make it in the Emirates" competition, hosted by Abu Dhabi's Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology. A total of 24 entrepreneurs will get the chance to present their wares, interact with potential investors, and build connections with other businesses at the competition. The government agency is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes foster growth that benefits all people and the environment.


Aligning with other crucial policies, the International Technology Strategy is essential for achieving the international goals outlined in the UK's Science and Technology framework.

Data is seen as a key enabler for the strategy's five focal technologies (artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, engineering biology, semiconductors, and future telecoms).

The United Kingdom will place its research and development efforts on new technologies in which it excels or has great promise, or which pose the greatest disruption and are crucial to the country's security.

The plan is supported by a concrete delivery framework that identifies the most important policy levers and top-tier initiatives needed to realize the far-reaching goal by 2030.

The technological ecosystem is intricate, and novel combinations of many technologies will be required to address global problems.


Spending on public cloud services is expected to increase from $491 billion in 2022 to $597.3 billion in 2023, with infrastructure-as-a-service seeing the largest increase. Due to the high computing demands of new technologies like generative artificial intelligence, the third generation internet (Web3), and the metaverse, hyperscale cloud providers are setting the cloud agenda. By 2026, 75% of businesses will use the cloud as their primary infrastructure for digital transformation. (Please add infographics)


Reshaping IT Landscape

AI algorithms, cloud and edge computing, and IT-as-a-service are just a few examples of the emerging technological capabilities made possible by the quickening pace of invention. If they want to stimulate rapid creativity and higher efficiency, businesses need to foster a learning culture that encourages and rewards entrepreneurialism.

Organizations need to hire the right people at the right time to keep this momentum going. While these innovations are exciting, they also bring up new cybersecurity problems that businesses must address. Supporting cybersecurity in the IT sector is best accomplished through collaboration with established technology companies.

Consumer Preferences

Experts agree that digitization has had a profound effect on the insurance sector, speeding up decision-making and allowing for the provision of real-time solutions to consumers. By providing more rapid and effective service and streamlining the process, insuretechs are increasing client engagement.

Insurance companies are leveraging data to create a comprehensive profile of each consumer, allowing them to give individualized, digital-first service. Insurers are also benefiting from technological advancements in risk assessment and interaction automation. Businesses that use cutting-edge methods of communication and value customer input will always be a step ahead of the pack.


The Impact of Digitalization on Industry 4.0

The advent of Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies like data analytics, AI, and ML. Effective utilization of these tech solutions can lead to substantial enhancements in productivity and reductions in expenses.

Nevertheless, implementing these technological advancements across various locations can pose a challenge.

Top-tier enterprises adopt a targeted and strategic methodology towards digital transformations, commencing with a network scan to pinpoint high-leverage domains and implementing specific use cases. These enterprises also prioritize streamlined communication, formalizing the value proposition, and crafting a compelling network vision. By adhering to these principles, manufacturers can attain a competitive edge and leverage the advantages of Industry 4.0.

Effective Digital Marketing

By utilizing interactive content, brands can offer a tailored and engaging experience that leads the consumer towards making a purchase decision.

In today's digital landscape, the collection of zero-party data has become an essential component for brands to thrive. With the rise of privacy laws and the decline of third-party cookies, consumers are now more willing to share their personal information directly with brands.

Interactive content is a crucial tool for organizations to boost their onsite lead capture and sales conversion.

As third-party data becomes less available and cookies fade away, it will be essential for brands to possess customer databases.

In today's fast-paced world, customers expect a seamless buying journey that can be completed in just one step. By leveraging small yet significant data points, businesses can enhance the customer experience, build stronger relationships, and accelerate sales.

Summin’ it up

The goal of the "Make it in the Emirates" competition is to promote growth that is good for both people and the environment through the participation of entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable technology.

The International Technology Strategy of the UK is essential for the advancement of scientific and technological goals on a global scale.

In 2023, businesses will invest more in public cloud services, with the highest growth coming in infrastructure-as-a-service.

Consumer participation is growing as a result of insurtechs' faster, more efficient service.

Targeted and deliberate technique towards digital changes can give businesses an edge in today's rapidly evolving Industry 4.0 environment.

As cookies lose their relevance and third-party data becomes scarce, brands need their own customer databases. Brands can't succeed without zero-trust data collection.

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