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The White House allocated $42 billion for universal high-speed broadband access by 2030, with Texas and California receiving the most funding. Towards the 2024 election, Biden hopes to bring attention to economic measures. Challenges include a lack of internet connection in rural areas and a reluctance to spend on the part of businesses. This is the year the states submit their plans to release funds.


Launching "The Green Block," Crypto Oasis Ventures and Roland Berger of the United Arab Emirates are aiming to employ Web3 technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to advance environmental, social, and governance (ESG) causes. The goal of this international hub for innovation is to hasten the integration of Web3 and AI into blockchain-based ESG initiatives. This project fits well with the UAE's goals for COP28 and the UN's SDGs.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the partners hope to completely transform ESG endeavours. The United Arab Emirates has proven its dedication to cutting-edge innovations like AI and the metaverse.


The British government has selected tech entrepreneur Ian Hogarth to head a new group to evaluate the potential dangers posed by AI. In advance of a planned international summit on the dangers of artificial intelligence later this year, the taskforce will perform innovative research into the topic of safety.

The government has allocated £100 million to create the taskforce, which will work to mitigate AI's potential dangers, advance global safety norms, and encourage the ethical advancement of AI.

The government of the UK wants to make London a centre for artificial intelligence regulation to guarantee the progress of AI in a responsible and secure manner.


With the help of personalisation, businesses are able to create one-of-a-kind buying experiences for their customers on social media. Integrating social media and online stores allows companies to better understand their customers' tastes and needs, which in turn allows them to provide more informed product recommendations that ultimately result in increased revenue and devoted clientele.

With the help of personalization, companies may create highly specific advertising campaigns and provide customers with unique discounts and specials. However, it is essential to deal with issues of privacy in an open and forthright manner.

Though it presents certain difficulties, personalisation in social commerce has several benefits, including higher levels of customer involvement, loyalty, and sustainable growth. The landscape of online retail is shifting due to the increasing potential for customization brought on by technological development.


Voice search optimization is now a vital part of SEO strategies as users increasingly rely on voice-activated devices for online searches. This shift presents challenges and opportunities for businesses and marketers.

Voice search queries are longer and more conversational, requiring content optimization for natural-sounding responses. Local search optimization is crucial, considering users often seek nearby information.

High-quality content, mobile-friendliness, and structured data markup are all important factors in optimising for voice search. Businesses can stay relevant and easily accessible by keeping up with voice search trends and adjusting to meet the needs of these customers.


The rapid evolution of generative AI is transforming marketing, customer experience, and personalization. Generative AI, which produces fresh and original content using neural networks, enables businesses to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and pain points through conversational data analytics.

This technology allows for highly targeted content creation and dynamic offerings, leading to improved customer engagement and personalization. Integrating generative AI with conversational data analysis helps businesses identify patterns and trends, enhancing their understanding of customer needs.



  • The White House allocates $42 billion for universal high-speed broadband access by 2030, prioritizing Texas and California.
  • Crypto Oasis Ventures and Roland Berger launch "The Green Block" initiative to leverage Web3 and AI for ESG goals.
  • Tech entrepreneur Ian Hogarth appointed to lead the UK government's AI taskforce focused on safety risks and global standards.
  • Personalization transforms social commerce, enabling tailored shopping experiences based on customer data.
  • Optimization for voice search becomes essential for SEO strategies, requiring natural-sounding responses and local search considerations.
  • Generative AI and conversational data analytics revolutionize marketing and customer experience, offering targeted content creation and improved understanding of customer needs.

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