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After five months of negotiations, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the major studios in Hollywood have struck an agreement to terminate the writers strike. Concerns about the impact of AI on originality have been addressed in the revised agreement.

The contract states that AI cannot be used to compose or revise scripts, and that work created by AI cannot be used to earn writing credits. Companies cannot demand that writers utilize AI technologies, but employees have the option to do so if they so choose. The WGA retains the right to enforce the contract's prohibition on using authors' works for AI training purposes.

This establishes a standard for regulating the role of artificial intelligence in artistic fields. Meanwhile, the Actors Guild is still on strike because of the same worries that the rise of AI may threaten the jobs of its members in the video game business.


U.K. officials have verified an extension of a data transfer pact between the EU and the U.S., formally setting up the "U.K.-U.S. data bridge." The U.K.'s data protection regulations (U.K. GDPR) now permits the transfer of personal data to authorized U.S. organizations via this extension. The laws ensuring regulatory adequacy have been finalized and will go into effect on October 12. The U.K. government sees this extension as essential to protecting citizens' personal information.

Legal challenges to the EU-US Data Privacy Framework have raised questions about the framework's durability. However, Britain's withdrawal from EU jurisdiction could aid the extension's long-term viability.


Haltia.AI has put out an AI assistant in a beta programme open only to investors, with the goal of revolutionizing consumer electronics. The AI helper provides a one-of-a-kind experience by fusing safety with ethical accountability. It works well with iOS devices and support for Android is in the works, making it ideal for a wide range of users, from high-level professionals to working parents.

Natural speech interactions allow the AI assistants to carry out a variety of activities, including email management, research, scheduling, and document feedback. Haltia.Artificial intelligence places a premium on privacy and the secure storage of user information on their own devices.

There will be frequent updates to the premium client's functionality until its debut in the first quarter of 2024. Haltia.AI has a subscription-based business model and has 1 million paying customers in mind. Exclusive relationship managers will be provided to premium members. The company's mission is to give its customers the tools they need to effectively manage their time and work without compromising their morals or their privacy.

Coca-Cola's AI-Designed Soda: A Flavorful Flop

Artificial intelligence (AI) was used by Coca-Cola to develop a new soda flavor they're calling Y3000. The tagline, "Futuristic Flavoured," raises hopes for the soda, but the flavor falls flat. The taste of Y3000 is briefly reminiscent of ordinary Coke, with an elusive aftertaste of sugary berries. Flavors developed by AI have been called "bland" for their lack of originality.

The soda also features an augmented reality (AR) experience that can be accessed using a QR code on the bottle, however this feature is also underwhelming. Coca-Cola's Y3000 is generally panned as dull and unimpressive.

Tech IPOs: 2023 Outlook and Beyond

We are now halfway through the third quarter of 2023, and IT businesses are preparing for prospective initial public offerings (IPOs) before the end of the year. Many tech companies are considering going public despite recent volatility in tech stock prices.

After the initial excitement surrounding successful initial public offerings and the bursting of the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) bubble, revenue multiples have returned to more normal levels. Specifically, the rapid expansion of Instacart and Databricks has garnered media attention in anticipation of their respective initial public offerings (IPOs).

It is expected that 2024 will be a busy year for IT IPOs, and media groups including The Information, FT, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance have been keeping a close eye on the market.

ChatGPT Expands with Voice and Image Features

With the latest upgrade to its ChatGPT chatbot, OpenAI has announced that it will support voice interactions through its mobile app. In addition, users can now upload photos for examination by ChatGPT.

This shift is a result of the fierce rivalry in the AI chatbot industry; major players like OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Anthropic are always innovating to stay ahead of the pack and win over customers. The growing significance of AI technologies was emphasized by Microsoft's massive $10 billion investment in OpenAI earlier this year.

Synthetic voices generated by AI have the potential to be used maliciously since they can be so convincing.


  • The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has ended a five-month-long writers strike by reaching an agreement with Hollywood studios.
  • The UK government has extended a data transfer deal with the EU and the US, creating the "UK-U.S. data bridge; this extension allows UK businesses to transfer personal data to certified US organizations while adhering to UK data protection regulations (UK GDPR).
  • Haltia.AI has launched an AI assistant in a limited beta program for investors, designed to set a new standard for personal technology, the AI assistant offers an exceptional user experience, with a focus on security and ethical responsibility.
  • Coca-Cola has used AI to create a new soda flavor called Y3000, but the taste is described as disappointing and bland.
  • Many tech companies are considering IPOs in 2023, following adjustments in tech stock prices and the fading of the SPAC bubble, Instacart and Databricks are highlighted for their growth rates and upcoming IPOs.
  • OpenAI has updated ChatGPT to allow users to engage in voice conversations through its mobile app, users can now share images with ChatGPT and request analysis on specific aspects within the images.

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